Sustainable development is an essential part of our business. We are not only talking about it; we put sustainability into action.
We believe we can make a contribution to the environmental, social and economic challenges of our time.
We aim to follow and to promote good sustainability practice, to reduce the environmental impacts of our activities. In order to put this into practise we:

Uppcycle Shipping containers
We utilize up-cycled containers to create floating student residences.
The container is probably the most optimised infrastructure on the planet. The container system is a uniform system that is used in every continent. Containers are accessible everywhere. The problem arises when the container reaches the end of its working life. Depending on global steel prices, containers are either melted down or abandoned because they are too expensive to freight. If the container is melted down, it will have consumed 8.5 megawatt in its life cycle. So instead of recycling, we are banking on up cycling. In other words, continuing the container’s life cycle in a different way. It costs as little as 450 kilowatts and it does away with the approximately 1,100 tonnes of CO2 required to build a new, traditional home. By revitalizing these old structures we help to maintain a low environmental impact of our Urban Riggers.

Sustainable Materials Approach
We want to do our best to preserve our natural capital. The material lifecycle perspective is considered in all our constructions, inside as well as outside. Healthy materials are chosen to create a good indoor climate. Our partners and their technologies are playing a key role in generating heating and cooling, while ensuring internal climate comfort and keeping energy use to a minimum. Instead of using traditional, bulky insulation materials, we are using at aerogel, which was developed for space travel and Aluthermo reflective insulation. It is a form of insulation consisting of thin aluminium foil made from recycled aluminium derived from beer and soda cans, for example.

Social responsibility and Socially responsible graduates
The Urban Rigger project is primarely developed as student residence. Young people who want to make something of themselves, who have clear ideas about the planet and the future, who want to live close to their friends and their place of education.

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