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The unprecedented and urgent need for student housing:
With a total projected deficit in Europe of more than 4 million student beds by 2025, the housing situation for students in the European capitals is almost unmanageable. In Denmark, with 64,000 new admissions to higher education annually, 24.000 students are without residences according to the Danish Construction and Housing Ministry. Overall, according to the Danish Construction Association, the estimates shows a need for 130,000 more homes by 2020 due to increased urbanization , increased population and more elderly . The challenges of the refugee situation in the EU is not included in the equation.

The potential:
Governments and local authorities in the EU are desperately searching for solutions to the increasing student housing challenges and are trying to support the interest in the construction of student residences by allowing their respective universities to enter into irrevocable fixed long-term contracts directly with the developers, which consequently gives the rental guarantee and eliminates any ” vacancy rent ” This has contributed to some of the largest pension funds and real estate investment companies in the EU, to view student residence investments as, among the most stable investments over the next 20 years.

Location Location Location
By far, the most Universities are centrally located in the big cities, The challenge everyone faces in new constructions, is to find available centrally located land to build on. The need for student housing in Europe has created a potential that is inherently enormously. but, in the same way as there is only room for a certain number of cars on a stretch of road before traffic congests, the challenge has been to find the small un-trafficked ” back roads ” that results in getting quickly and easily to same destination as all those who wont arrive until later due to congestion. And URBAN RIGGER is conceptualized for that “Back Road” The Water Ways, the thousands of kilometres of untapped harbour, river and canal intensive cities of Europe. If you se a potential for Urban Rigger in your area, please let us know.

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